Changing your mind…getting started

No one is bad at meditation. I hear repeatedly that “I tried meditation but I wasn’t good at it. My mind moves too quickly“.

Guess what….that is what the mind is supposed to do. You just may not be aware of it until you meditate. And the good news is the more your mind wanders, the more you stand to benefit from meditation. Bringing your mind back from mind wandering each time is exactly what strengthens your attention and improves the function of your prefrontal cortex and Anterior Cingulate cortex of the brain.

Be kind to yourself. Start with shorter guided meditations. When your mind wanders notice where it when and gently and non-judgmentally bring it back to paying attention to the focus of the meditation.

My suggestion is to start with a short breathing meditation as can be found here with the free guided meditations from UCLA’s mindful awareness research centre. Start with the 5 minute breathing meditation.


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