Students de-stress with meditation

Thomas, V., & Sexton-Radek, K. (2020). Reducing Stress in College Students through Meditation. Journal of Student Research.

A recent study conducted at Elmhurst College in the US tested students’ levels of stress to determine if meditation was effective in reducing the stress as well as helping with stress related issues. Using pre- and post- testing to look for changes, the participants meditated consistently for one month.

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Findings revealed that the meditation intervention resulted in improvements for the students including:

  • heightening focus in class
  • improved physical and mental health
  • better sleep
  • decreased substance abuse and addiction behaviours
  • increased confidence
  • improved academic success

These results provide further support for meditation practice. It is encouraging to see many post-secondary institutions offering meditation sessions to their students. Developing a practice as a student also stands to optimize outcomes as graduates head out into the workforce and move forward in life.

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