Being consistent

A recent study out of McGill University tracked the meditation practice, mindful responsiveness and psychological outcomes (perceived stress, negative and positive affect) of 117 individuals. The study found that on days when the participants took time to meditate, they not only responded more mindfully to day to day experience but experienced better moods and lower perceived levels of stress. The study also found that the longer the meditation practice, the more benefit reported.

You likely have experienced this yourself and are not surprised by this finding …but just a good reminder to stick to it. Any meditation is great, more is better and daily is ideal!

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Source: Lacaille J, Sadikaj G, Nishioka M, Carrière K, Flanders J, Knäuper B. Daily Mindful Responding Mediates the Effect of Meditation Practice on Stress and Mood: The Role of Practice Duration and Adherence. Journal of clinical psychology. 2018;74(1):109-122. doi:10.1002/jclp.22489.




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